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CLK Version 2.0 E-Learning Launch

December 2020 by Helen Filby

The Carbon Literacy: Knowledge (CLK) E-learning module has been developed to assist organisations and trainers in delivering Carbon Literacy. The module meets the requirements of the ‘Knowledge’ component of the Carbon Literacy Standard. CLK covers the general science of climate change, so is suitable for UK-wide use, across all audiences. Following the completion of CLK, a learner will be about half-way towards becoming Carbon Literate.

Carbon Literacy, however, must be customised to be immediately relevant to the audience; because of this and the requirement to work with others, a learner cannot currently become fully Carbon Literate through online learning alone, and therefore must be followed up with an element of face-to-face learning. This is usually delivered in a workshop style – either face-to-face (if circumstances permit) or remotely using a platform such a Zoom, Microsoft Teams or similar – to enable group interaction.

Updating the three-hour CLK module has been a huge task, but we are thrilled to confirm that the technical work has been completed by our partner Virtual College, and is now live, ready for use. The original iteration was published in 2015, and, of course, a lot has happened in the intervening years, not least in the realms of climate due to a mixture of both action and inaction. The newest version has the latest climate science, updated facts and figures, up-to-date case studies, and improved signposting to the most relevant support and further information.

This e-learning module is one option that can be utilised as a part of your Carbon Literacy course, supporting your learners in becoming Carbon Literate. If you choose to use CLK, it provides an easily-accessible, hassle-free, consistent package that ensures your learners will meet the ‘Knowledge’ criteria of the Carbon Literacy Standard, whilst allowing them to work at their own pace, when convenient, remotely, and potentially with fewer challenges around availability and cost than a fully face-to-face course.

If you are interested in using our updated CLK E-learning to form part of your accredited Carbon Literacy course, please first visit our E-learning information page, and then contact CLK@carbonliteracy.com for more information on how to go about this.


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