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Green Great Britain Week 2019 – Save the Date!

June 2019 by Emma Richards

Last October was the first Green Great Britain Week, a week of events highlighting the opportunities clean growth offers the UK, as well as improving understanding of how business and the public can contribute to tackling climate change. It saw the government call on individuals and organisations to engage and communicate climate change… We answered that call with the help of many of you.

We asked you to help us deliver a mass of Carbon Literacy training as part of the Green GB Week program of events, and you guys delivered! Over 100 people, from 28 organisations, were trained during the week – more people than had ever been trained in a single week previously! You can read more about our joint contribution to Green GB Week 2018 here.

Our Green GB Week 2018 was a massive success, and we were excited by how the organisations we work with really picked up the ball and ran with it, delivering training not just to those within their organisation, but opening up their doors to others in their sector, or producing entirely new materials to branch into new audiences.

This year for Green GB and NI Week, we want to build off of the success of last year and challenge all of you to help us train even more individuals across a wider range of organisations. We would love for all of you to get involved and show just how impactful Carbon Literacy (CL) can be. Whether you’ve been delivering CL training for years or have only just become Carbon Literate yourself, there’s plenty of time to get involved!

Green GB and NI Week 2019 will take place on the 4th-8th of November 2019 – so save the date, and start thinking about what and how many CL training sessions you might be able to deliver.

“Green GB & NI 2019 is a week of events and activity where government, businesses, academia and civil society will come together to explore how clean growth will change our futures and how we can contribute to action on climate change.

“The week will highlight the opportunities, benefits and challenges of reducing our emissions to net zero, ending the UK’s contribution to climate change, and growing our low carbon economy.

“The week is themed around how particular parts of life in the UK will evolve, such as having cleaner, warmer buildings, cleaner modes of transport, such as electric vehicles, and reducing our waste with new green technologies all over the UK. Explore below to find out more about clean growth and how to get involved in Green GB & NI week 2019.”

If you’d like to hold one CL course (or more!) as part of the week, or your organisation is already looking to hold CL training around this date, please let us know at info@carbonliteracy.com so we can discuss this with you further, provide support,  and add you to our list of participating organisations.

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