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April 2024 by Catherine McGinn

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues we as a society face today, but we know that not everyone feels the effects of climate impacts equally. Marginalised communities face consequences disproportionate to their contribution to climate change, while more privileged groups often have the resources and means to mitigate its effects.

This inequality exacerbates existing social injustices, highlighting the urgency for equitable solutions to address climate justice. One of these solutions is access to quality climate education, which can be used as a tool to empower individuals from all backgrounds to understand the complexities of climate change, its impacts, and how they can be part of the solution where they are.

Empowering Global Communities with Carbon Literacy

Carbon Literacy is for everyone, but access to Carbon Literacy varies globally due to relative spending power. This April, we’re taking part in the Green Match Fund, as we aim to raise a total of £20,000, which will be invested into our international community pot and go towards supporting the delivery of Carbon Literacy in Global South communities.

This year, we have ambitions to grow globally and ensure we can bring climate education to all, but to do so, we require external support to operate at scale in the Global South and bridge the difference between the true cost and the equitable cost of this project. For example, whilst a Carbon Literacy certificate costs £10 in the UK, the equivalent equitable cost in Bolivia would be £1.31. Therefore, with your help, this fund will enable this project to go forward, allowing us to expand equitably and ensuring nobody is left behind.

By providing access to Carbon Literacy at an equitable rate, we’re addressing global inequalities in gaining access to quality climate education, allowing more learners to gain a globally recognised qualification and ensuring they have the skills required to thrive in our changing world.


We know that Carbon Literacy is a proven and reliable tool for providing a clear direction on taking positive climate action – but the systems-level shifts we need for a liveable future can’t happen if we’re only creating change in the UK. That’s why we’re ready to provide more global audiences with the knowledge, skills and motivation to act on climate change, and instil Carbon Literacy as a core competence and value.

Climate change respects no borders, so Carbon Literacy and the resulting low-carbon culture change across borders is crucial if we are to justly and swiftly decarbonise our society. We aim to empower people with the knowledge and skills they need to communicate the benefits of climate action in everyday language, in their local communities; activating new sections of the global population who serve to be the most impacted but least empowered to take action on the climate crisis.

Our Aims

Through this campaign, we aim to raise a total of £20,000 – £10,000 from public donations, and £10,000 from the help of The Big Give. With the help of this fund, we have three aims:

  • We will make a publicly available International Community Pot that facilitates the uptake of Carbon Literacy in lower-income nations and communities in the Global South.
  • If we reach our campaign fundraising target, we will be able to support a minimum of 2,000 people, who would otherwise not be able to afford Carbon Literacy.
  • Overall, we will reach more nations and regions than ever before, ensuring nobody is left behind.

Save the Date

With only seven days to make a donation that will have double the impact, we encourage you to save the date of the Green Match Fund, so you have the best opportunity to support our campaign.

All donations between the 18th-25th April will be doubled, helping us provide quality and transformative climate action training to more people around the world at a fair price.

Find out more about our campaign to Empower Global Communities, and donate from the 18th April.

Have a question? Get in touch at giving@carbonliteracy.com.

Interested in finding out more about other ways to support or partner with us? Book a call with Emily, our Fundraising Officer. We would be happy to discuss longer-term partnership opportunities, such as sponsorship or joining our Partner Scheme!

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