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Maximise Impact for CLAD

September 2022 by Catherine McGinn

With the Carbon Literacy Action Day taking place in just over a month’s time, on the 7th of November 2022, we are looking forward to witnessing organisations and trainers simultaneously delivering Carbon Literacy training en mass to unique audiences all across the world. After the success of our inaugural Action Day in November 2021, we hope to make an even greater impact this year by enabling hundreds more individuals to undergo training and become certified as Carbon Literate.

As the Action Day takes place on Day 1 of COP27, and with annual COP conferences being the largest climate events of the year, this presents an even more opportune time to make a significant impact on climate change. However, after COP26, we learned that we cannot wait for governments to lead us in the fight against climate change, and in the last 11 months since COP26 in Glasgow, the world has witnessed an increasing number of serious climate-induced disasters across Europe, Asia and America. So it’s more important than ever to collectively act on climate change.

As a time to further cascade Carbon Literacy training, the annual Carbon Literacy Action Day will see organisations and trainers deliver Carbon Literacy to their relevant audiences in a single day. However, with the need to drive further and faster action on climate change, we want to encourage organisations and trainers to think bigger. But how?

Maximising your impact for CLAD

For CLAD 2022, we’ve introduced a new theme of maximising impact, where we ask you to consider how you can maximise the impact of your Carbon Literacy training this Action Day, so that together, we can have the greatest impact possible in the race against climate change.

Maximising impact means going the extra mile for Carbon Literacy and for climate change, and running courses in a way you typically wouldn’t. In making this ask, we’re encouraging you to be creative and think outside the box about how you can use your Carbon Literacy training, to catalyse larger and longer-term impacts.

Introducing the CLAD Catalyst Award!

By maximising your impact for the Action Day this year, you could be in the running to receive a brand-new award, unique to the Carbon Literacy Action Day – the CLAD Catalyst!

The CLAD Catalyst Award aims to recognise and celebrate those that go the extra mile, and who have displayed the best examples of catalytic Carbon Literacy.

The award will go to just three organisations and/or trainers, who have delivered highly catalytic training, and whose commitment to tackling climate change shone through with the training they delivered.

The award recipients will receive:

  • A unique CLAD Catalyst logo to recognise your commitment to Carbon Literacy and climate change.
  • Credits to your Carbon Literacy account to go towards further catalytic work.
  • A promotional pack to help promote your award.

Will you be one of our first CLAD Catalysts?

Register for the Carbon Literacy Action Day here, and for any CLAD enquiries, get in touch at CLAD@carbonliteracy.com.

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