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‘No More Excuses’ – The Impact of Creating a CL Course

September 2020 by Phil Korbel

At the time of writing, the first-ever Carbon Literacy course for ambulance services is being run – by the North West Ambulance Service. The trainer, and lead author of the course, is their Environmental Sustainability Officer, Karen Aguilera. Karen lives and breathes the implementation of best environmental performance for an organisation that covers all of England’s North West – you’ll have seen her amazing colleagues at work in the superb BBC1 series Ambulance. In other words, she’s a highly experienced environmental professional with a lot on her plate. So, when we read this Twitter thread on how preparing for today’s course has affected her, we asked if we could share it here. Needless to say, it’s not been just a case of preparing some workshop materials – the content has got her thinking about many aspects of her life. She also wins a prize for best use of funny GIFs in un-wrapping responses to the climate crisis…


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