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The Carbon Literacy Sports Kit – Coming Soon!

March 2023 by Jack Rhodes-Worden

The sports sector has a significant climate impact, as our previous blog on the sector’s carbon footprint explored. From the energy used by major stadiums to the transport modes of grassroots sports players, the sector has plenty of opportunities to make changes, reduce its impacts, and participate in the transition to a low-carbon society.

At the same time, the sports sector has incredible influence, playing a big part in millions, if not billions, of people’s lives. Fans, participants, staff, and volunteers of all ages engage with sports, and thus there is a distinct opportunity for the sports sector to empower people and ignite climate action.

Whether you are from a sports governing body, a professional club, a community team, or a venue, our new Carbon Literacy Sports Kit can support your organisation’s carbon-reducing action and give you and your peers the confidence to speak on climate change and encourage others to act.

The Sports Kit has been co-created with the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games organising committee and piloted with support from UK Sport and BASIS. The Kit combines the knowledge of sector specialists in sports sustainability and our expertise in creating sector-specific Carbon Literacy courses.

What is the Sports Kit?

Like all our Toolkits, the Sports Kit is a complete Carbon Literacy course – containing everything needed for Carbon Literacy training in the sports sector. This includes a slide deck, a detailed trainer manual, and interactive activity resources to support engagement. The course is adaptable to your sport, location, and type of organisation, meaning whatever your niche, the Sports Kit can be a catalyst for climate action.

The Sports Kit is designed to be used by anyone – you don’t have to be a climate change expert to deliver successful Carbon Literacy. The trainer manual provides all information and instructions needed to deliver course content and activities.

As a complete Carbon Literacy course, the Sports Kit eliminates the development time associated with course creation. Our team will update the Kit yearly to ensure the latest science, policy, and sports-related content is included. This means you can focus on adapting the Kit to your audience and planning your training.

Using the Sports Kit to deliver Carbon Literacy has a number of advantages for your organisation. The training ensures that everyone has the same level of knowledge about climate change, allowing learners to address sector-wide and organisational challenges. Learners leave Carbon Literacy training feeling empowered, knowing where they have agency to effect change in their roles, and having the confidence to speak about climate change. And as energy and resource use are tied to expenditure, educating your employees can help your company meet its emissions targets while also cutting costs.

How can I access the Sports Kit?

The Sports Kit will be launched at the BASIS Conference on 25th April 2023 and will be made available to access shortly afterwards.

If you’d like to access the materials from April or just want to find out more, email sport@carbonliteracy.com and someone from our team will be in touch.

For those not in attendance at the BASIS Conference, we’ll also hold a launch webinar in the summer, where you’ll have the opportunity to hear more about Carbon Literacy and the benefits of using the Sports Kit. Join our mailing list here to stay in the loop about this event.

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