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Twitter Digest – September

October 2015 by Dave Coleman

As the nights are beginning to draw in, its time to look back over the last months stimulating tweets and retweets from us @Carbon_Literacy in another Twitter Digest. A special highlight in September was our first group of Carbon Literate students from Manchester Metropolitan University!

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The Carbon Literacy Project Team

Inspirational Tweet of the Month:

 @Carbon_Literacy Sep 8
a great new ‘first’ for Carbon Literacy – the 1st university students anywhere to become CL as part of their course ?http://www.mmu.ac.uk/news/news-items/3718/ …

The Good News:

@NewClimateEcon Sep 8
Low ?#carbon actions in ?#cities are a $17 trillion opportunity worldwide ?http://buff.ly/1JHYPfb  ?#NCEcities

 @Carbon_Literacy Sep 19
Apple to invest €1.7bn in green European data centres ?http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/business/industries/technology/article4362892.ece …

@Carbon_Literacy Sep 25
Great news w ?@Siemens going net zero carbon by 2030. ?http://www.edie.net/news/6/Siemens-aims-to-become-first–net-zero–industrial-giant … Big in Manchester. Could behaviour change help? ?@SiemensUKNews

 @Carbon_Literacy Sep 30
A clear call for Carbon Literate investors, now, from ?@bankofengland Mark Carney. Vital interview from ?@bbckamal ?http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-34396969 …

The Not So Good News:

@Carbon_Literacy Sep 5
What would happen if we stopped emitting ?#greenhousegases today? Not what you would think… ?@IFLScience ?http://bit.ly/1WEwRI4 

@Carbon_Literacy Sep 7
Ancient viruses, bacteria and plants have been frozen for millennia & now they are waking up… ?#climatechange ?http://bit.ly/1WEz5qI 

@Carbon_Literacy Sep 8
If all of the world’s known coal, oil and gas were burned, here’s how ?#hot we can expect it to get. ?@nytimes ?http://bit.ly/1Jiifs2 

@Carbon_Literacy Sep 14
Threat to human health from ?#climatechange could undermine the past 50 years of medical progress. ?@TheLancet ?http://bit.ly/1NuwHio 

@Carbon_Literacy Sep 16
Can we afford to tackle ?#climatechange? Video on the finance of keeping fossil fuels in the ground ?#Keepitintheground ?http://bit.ly/1J4gQBM 

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