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Winners of the CLAD Catalyst 2022!

November 2022 by Catherine McGinn

We are incredibly excited to announce that the winners of the CLAD Catalyst Award are…

Doncaster Council, Edith Cowan University and SYNETIQ!

The CLAD Catalyst Award comes from the annual international Carbon Literacy Action Day, a mass climate action training event, which sees learners, through their organisation or community, all around the world, simultaneously undergo Carbon Literacy training.

For the 2022 Carbon Literacy Action Day, we introduced the CLAD Catalyst Award. This brand new, unique award aims to celebrate the organisations that plan and deliver a particularly impactful and catalytic version of Carbon Literacy, to have the strongest impact possible in tackling the effects of climate change.

In order to be in the running for the award, we introduced the theme of maximising impact, where we asked organisations to consider how their training can have the maximum impact, so that together, we can have the greatest chance possible in the race against climate change.

Maximising impact could look like:

  • Running multiple, or bigger courses
  • Using extra facilitators to increase the capacity of a course
  • Opening courses up to a wider sector, local community or geographical area
  • Training senior members of staff, including managers, directors, board members, or those with greater authority and influence
  • Training parent, child or sister companies, for organisations that typically operate as a group
  • Taking Carbon Literacy to a brand new location around the world

All organisations that maximised the impact of their Carbon Literacy training for the Action Day this year, have demonstrated their passion and dedication in mitigating the effects of climate change, have created a strong impact within their organisations and industries, and collectively, have driven even greater action on climate change.

The CLAD Catalysts

After a busy few weeks reviewing submissions, we are thrilled to have selected the first-ever winners of the brand-new CLAD Catalyst Award for 2022! Each award recipient embraced the theme of maximising impact and delivered truly catalytic Carbon Literacy in their own unique way as part of the Action Day.

Doncaster Council

On the 7th of November, Doncaster Council hosted ‘Doncaster’s Day of Action’, a day of city-wide climate action and engagement. On this day, 6 trainers from the council delivered 6 individual courses simultaneously, to a total of 66 learners that underwent Carbon Literacy training!

These 6 courses were delivered to an array of different audiences within the council, including to general staff, senior management and councillors. To add to the scope of the day, they also delivered training externally to key local partners in areas including healthcare, social housing and colleges.

Doncaster Council were awarded as a CLAD Catalyst 2022 for the sheer amount of learners they successfully trained on the day, as well as their delivery to influential members of the council and engaging other influential local organisations. Delivering training to those that could have greater authority and influence, paves the way for such individuals to use their unique position to make stronger pledges on climate and implement significant carbon-reduction actions.

Well done Doncaster Council!

Edith Cowan University

Based in Perth, Western Australia, Edith Cowan University School of Business and Law took part in the Action Day by delivering the final session of a 4-week course to the Government of Western Australia, Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER).

This unique training comprised a higher education-government collaboration and enabled 25 members of staff at DWER to complete their Carbon Literacy training. Not only is this the first training to take place in the Department, or in the Government of Western Australia, but it was the very first Carbon Literacy training delivered to a State Government Department in the whole of Australia.

As a result of this training, a new door has been opened for Carbon Literacy in Australia, as the learners trained at DWER, whose department is responsible for Climate Change Policy, have been equipped with the knowledge, skills and tools to use their position to influence even greater change in their roles and lives, and in the wider region of Western Australia.

In delivering to a cohort of such influence, Edith Cowan University has demonstrated its commitment to the roll-out of Carbon Literacy training and using the training to inspire a cascade of positive action that addresses climate change at scale.

Well done Edith Cowan University School of Business and Law!


SYNETIQ, a vehicle salvage and auction company, that is coincidentally also based in Doncaster, took part in the Action Day by running a total of 3 Carbon Literacy courses, all aimed at different audiences, including local organisations, clients, and their parent company, IAA, Inc.

SYNETIQ was recently acquired by IAA, Inc. and was commended for its sustainability credentials. By engaging its parent company, including senior management, in Carbon Literacy training, it has mobilised learners with a massive locus of change. These learners could have a truly catalytic influence in tackling climate change, as, in their positions, they have the capability to pledge highly impactful actions that could see a significant reduction in carbon emissions.

The training also helps to further cement Carbon Literacy in the United States of America, as IAA, Inc. is based there. SYNETIQ has truly used its influence as part of the Action Day to deliver on the low-carbon agenda and drive Carbon Literacy forward at speed.

Well done SYNETIQ!

Continuing the cascade

Congratulations to all three winners of the CLAD Catalyst Award 2022.

We’d also like to extend our thanks to all of the organisations that took part and maximised their impact, making the Carbon Literacy Action Day 2022 such an impactful event. We are proud to work with organisations that share our passion for climate education, empowerment and action, and thank you all for choosing Carbon Literacy as the tool you use to achieve this. We look forward to witnessing how these organisations continue disseminating Carbon Literacy and inspiring learners everywhere to take action for a positive and hopeful future for all.

If you’re inspired by the stories of our three CLAD Catalysts, and would like to take Carbon Literacy into your own organisation, or plan catalytic training for the next Action Day in 2023, get in touch with CLAD@carbonliteracy.com.

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