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45,000 Certified Learners!

November 2022 by Catherine McGinn

We are absolutely delighted to announce that we have reached yet another huge learner milestone, 45,000 learners are now formally certified as Carbon Literate!

Reaching this milestone means that over 90,000 actions have now been pledged – in communities, businesses, local authorities, schools, universities, and more across the UK and beyond – to cut carbon emissions across all sectors of society.

With over 45,000 Carbon Literate citizens spread across the globe – who are all doing things differently, affecting their organisations and their neighbourhoods, creating the market for low-carbon goods and services, and changing society with increasing rapidity – a cultural shift is not only anticipated but already ensuing.

On this, our 10th Anniversary year, we have continued to grow at an exponential rate, and have broken records all across the board. Having reached 25,000 learners less than a week into 2022, a milestone that took 9 years to achieve, we have now almost doubled this figure in just eleven months. What’s more, we started the year with 2,134 organisations engaged, 70 Carbon Literate Organisations (CLOs) and 67 training professionals. Now, we have 3,953 organisations engaged, 124 Carbon Literate Organisations (CLOs) and 126 training professionals, all of whom are delivering Carbon Literacy at speed to audiences all around the world.

Since our last milestone of 40,000 learners, we have engaged a further 141 organisations, have 1 more nation officially delivering Carbon Literacy, and have accredited an additional 27 unique Carbon Literacy courses which are being used to educate, engage and inspire citizens across the globe. In doing so, a whole lot of carbon has been saved in the process – an estimated 13,000 tonnes of CO2e and counting!

We could not have achieved this milestone, or the level of growth we’re experiencing, without all of the hard work from our partner organisations and supporters, the hundreds of trainers, and the thousands of organisations and learners who have undertaken and achieved Carbon Literacy. Thanks to all of you, concrete action against climate change is being taken and delivered worldwide.

We are so incredibly excited to see what the rest of 2022 has in store for us, and what else we can achieve before the year is through, so Carbon Literacy, as a whole, can move forward to allow the places we live, work and study to shift towards a low-carbon culture.

If you would like to find out how Carbon Literacy would work for your community, group or organisation in our record-breaking, 10th Anniversary year, please get in touch.

If you’d like to support the continued growth and expansion of Carbon Literacy, you can donate to our 10 for 10 Accelerator fund which is running until the end of 2022. As a small charity operating on a global scale with no core funding, donating supports our mission by enabling us to maintain our high quality of work whilst keeping up with the unprecedented (and necessary!) growth in demand for Carbon Literacy.

Trainers looking for the most up-to-date version of our infographic can always find it on our About Us page, alongside information on each metric and descriptions of how we calculate these.

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