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Launch of the CL Partner Scheme

November 2022 by Emma Richards

In this 10th Anniversary, record-breaking year, we’re pleased to announce the launch of the Carbon Literacy Partner Scheme.

As a charity with no government funding, The Carbon Literacy Project wouldn’t be where we are today without the generous support of our corporate sponsors that work tirelessly to help us make Carbon Literacy accessible to everyone. As such, we actively pursue partnerships with organisations that share our vision for a zero-carbon future.

The Partner Scheme – a new, tiered approach to our fundraising activities – enables organisations to provide The Carbon Literacy Project with crucial financial backing that helps us to expand our reach and impact, and to deliver Carbon Literacy training on a much larger scale, all while maintaining our rigorous quality control. This is increasingly important due to our rapid growth, trajectory and targets!

You may wonder: ‘Why does The Carbon Literacy Project need this scheme when they already work with sponsors?’

Historically our sponsorships have operated, largely, as purely financial transactions. This is something we want to change.


  1. To better support our current funders.
  2. To secure further funding.

The Partner Scheme is intended to do both of these things through the creation of symbiotic relationships; ones in which our sponsors are supporting us and we’re equally supporting our sponsors (albeit in slightly different ways). This is where the idea of being ‘Partners’ stems from. A mutually beneficial relationship in which, together, we’re greater than the sum of our parts. We can do more and accelerate action on climate much faster than we could on our own.

Sponsorship opportunities are open to all organisations that are committed to engaging with Carbon Literacy training, with tiers of support available for every budget:

  • £365 – Friend of The Carbon Literacy Project
  • £1000 – Bronze Partner
  • £10,000 – Silver Partner
  • £25,000 – Gold Partner
  • £50,000 – Platinum Partner

The symbiosis of the Parter Scheme comes through the various benefits afforded to sponsors, dependent on tier. The benefits span four key areas:

  • Advocacy – Unique access to our team to help champion your work on climate and Carbon Literacy.
  • Communication – Promoting the partnership across our network, and helping you to talk about the partnership.
  • Delivery – Support with your ongoing roll-out of Carbon Literacy.
  • Networking – Tailored opportunities to meet, communicate and potentially collaborate, with like-minded organisations.

You can find further details of the benefits for each tier of support here.

We would love to start conversations with organisations interested in the Partner Scheme that aren’t currently supporting us. If you or your organisation feel that you could help The Carbon Literacy Project in this way, please get in touch listing ‘Partner Scheme’ as the subject.

Equally, we are honoured to work with such an incredible array of organisations that share our values, vision and mission – even more so, that they believe in what we’re doing so strongly that they choose to support us financially. We will be in touch with these organisations, our existing Partners, directly over the coming days to fully explain the Partner Scheme, the tier they are in and the benefits they will receive.

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